RSGX is a robust training programme that provides young leaders with a unique opportunity to work on the frontline of sports mission alongside leaders from the ECSU.

Participants are supervised during the summer school by ECSU leaders as together you study the Bible, pray, play and learn. RSGX participants will also spend a period of the summer school supporting a sports mission project somewhere in Europe with leaders closely aligned with each participants’ interests and ability.

For 12 months after the summer school there is the opportunity for all participants to take part in additional online training as well as to attend ECSU gatherings. These additional opportunities will be key times of learning in community and are a great chance to maintain friendships as well as networking with other RSGX participants across Europe.

The RSGX programme will be delivered almost entirely in English and so it is important that all applicants have some fluency in the language. Some of the written resources and texts will be available in other languages.





Here are some reasons we think RSGX is one of the best ways to be equipped for a lifetime of sports mission.


RSGX is about investing in you

As a RSGX particpant you have a team of people committed to your growth – the ECSU leaders will support you, encourage you and challenge you. Observing and working with someone more experienced in the Christian life and sport ministry is an invaluable opportunity to grow. You’ll also be taught by sports ministry leaders from across Europe and be joined by 20 to 30 additional participants on the summer school to help keep you going.


RSGX is about skills AND character

RSGX will equip and train you in a huge variety of sports mission skills and tools including Bible handling, leading Bible studies, speaking, coaching and leadership. But at the heart of the RSGX school there is also a deliberate focus on growth in character and godliness. We know that the gospel of grace is not only the entrance to the Christian life, but the motor as well. What RSGX will do is to help you practically work that out in the everyday world of sport mission. The testimony of past participants is that they came to RSGX feeling they had so much to give to their home sports ministry projects, only to discover that God had bigger plans through RSGX to teach them that sustainable and Christ-like living and sports ministry is done in the context of dependence on His power and grace.


RSGX offers a huge range of experiences

As a RSGX participant, working with partners from across the ECSU you will be uniquely equipped to help develop and lead sports ministry projects and programmes across Europe.

There will be opportunities to coach sport, work one-to-one with leaders, help organise meetings, give talks and testimonies, lead discussions, work with people from many different cultures and much, much more.


RSGX offers a unique study program

Aside from the bible study programme RSGX participants will also follow a unique and diverse study programme designed to ground them theologically and practically. RSGX is designed to have both training and study elements that will be passed on through practical hands-on ministry. The main material for practical sports ministry study at RSGX is the Ready Set Go Team Multiplication Kit. This includes core components of training Heart, Bible & Disciplemaking, Teams, Leaders & Partners and Learning & Facilitation.



It costs €1,500 for each participant to take part in the RSGX summer school. This cost includes all training, accommodation, food and transport. Each participant is asked to contribute towards this cost and we encourage all participants to aim to contribute approximately 70% (€1,000) of this total. Any contribution you can make above this would be of great benefit.  There are bursaries available for successful applicants for whom the cost is prohibitive.

We would also encourage all participants to think about building a small group of supporters as you join us on RSGX.

Gathering together some local supporters can be a rewarding way to grow, live by faith and learn how to use money wisely. The ECSU will support you as you connect with churches and individuals and seek to build a group of supporters who will partner with you in prayer and giving. 




RSGX is an intensive physically, mentally and emotionally challenging experience. You will be working with people you have never met before, travelling, working hard and taking part in physical exercise and sport several times a day.