The ECSU hold local, national and continent wide events each and every year. Some are for people involved in specific ‘networks’, some are for specific age groups (18-25s) and some are open to all. We will post all information about our larger events and gatherings on this page.  

We currently have 3 Network Gatherings planned for 2020.  There is basic information below with more information to come soon.

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Competitors Conference

A conference for christian players & athletes involved in the world of competitive sport; clubs, teams, university and elite.

Cost: 250 EUROS

Venue: Glockenspitz Sport und Seminar Hotel, Altenkirchen, Germany, 22-24 May, 2020

Community Sport Network Conference

For anyone  involved in the world of community sport & play in Europe; camps, festivals, church ministries and schools

Cost: 150 EUROS

Venue: Abla Guest House, Carcavelos, Lisbon Portugal, 28-31 May, 2020

European Health & Fitness Conference

A Gathering for people involved in health & fitness ministry from all across Europe; gyms, trainers, Crossfit, Totalfit, health and wellbeing ministry.

Cost: 150 EUROS

Venue: Hotel KAM Malenovice, Malenovice, Czech Republic, 25-28 June, 2020

Below is a ‘gallery’ of some of the past events we have run.