The ECSU uses the Ready, Set, Go resources.

Ready Set Go is a toolkit. A good tool kit has many tools.

The task of making disciples in sport and play in your city will be different to another city.

You take the tool from the kit that best suits your needs!

You want to get people ready. Look at the Ready tools!

There are:

Tools to help you pray

Tools to look and listen

Tools to help you share the vision

Getting Set with heart and skills.

Once people have caught the vision they are equipped with the heart of the movement with the skills to make disciples in sport.

The training is flexible. Choose the sessions you know are most needed. Resources for beginners right through to more experienced people.





Now it’s time to GO!

Every part of Ready Set Go points people to GO and make disciples.

You can choose one or more GO strategies to implement in your community.

Think about building relationships and making disciples and not just running a program.


Pray and evaluate and keep seeking to make disciples in sport and play!

If you have the Ready Set GO multiplication kit as a book, on the website, on your phone or iPad then you have everything you need to make disciples for Christ in Sport and Play…

What are you waiting for?