Sport Network Conferences - June 2018

This June, on a Gathering off-year, we are running three conferences to further develop sports mission in three focus areas: Health and Fitness, Community Sport and Competitive Sport. 

Community Sport runs from Friday 8th – Sunday 10th June in Lisbon, Portugal. It is aimed at those interested in Community Sport ministry along with those who are already involved. Click here to register.

Competitive Sport: POSTPONED. Due to venue issues this conference has been postponed to Sept/Oct. More details to follow. This is aimed at sportplayers and coaches, those involved in the world of sport. It is not a training conference for those interested but specifically for those in the world of sport. 

Health and Fitness runs from Monday 11th-Wedneday 13th June in Malenovice, Czech Republic. It is aimed at those interested in Health and Fitness ministry along with those who are already involved. Click here to register.

ReadySetGO Multiply 2018

ReadySetGO Multiply is a four week school for young leaders across Europe.

The month start with two weeks of sports mission training in Italy. This covers Bible handling, explaining the gospel and the Heart Values of sport mission alongside practical training in specific sports mission strategies such as sport camps, sports festivals and community sport tournaments.

The training is followed by a 10 day mission in Europe where you will put into practice what you have learnt.

You will come back to Italy for the final week for a debrief and send off.

The training is for those aged 18-25 and takes place from Monday 2nd July – Friday 27th July. The cost, including flights, is 850€.

For more information and questions please email

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