In 1989 in a small room in Altenkirchen in Germany, 5 people from different countries in Europe dreamt together of their sports loving continent having the opportunity to hear the good news of Jesus Christ and respond to him as King. The European Christian Sports Union, formed that day, has gone on to inspire 10s of thousands to live out their faith in sport and make disciples in and through sport in incredible and creative ways. 

Today the European Sports Christian Union is a network of churches, sports mission agencies, organisations, charities and individuals across Europe.  Together our desire is to make disciples in sport, play and health and fitness in all places and amongst all peoples across the continent.

It is exciting to see today not only what the Lord has done but to look ahead together and dream and plan to GO to all places, peoples and sports in our continent. Whether it is geographically in a nation, city, a community, an island, a prison or a street, sport gives tremendous opportunities to GO. Whether it’s a sporting code, a sports club, a federation, a gym or a field, sports people are a people group about whom we care greatly. To them all we must GO. 

The ECSU has the vision of making disciples in sport, play and health and fitness in each of the 48 countries in the European movement. We seek to do this by praying for each other, building partnerships and helping initiate and develop sports mission in each of these countries.

The ECSU seeks to train people to make disciples within the three networks of competitive sport, community sport and health and fitness.  We do this by holding local training events in cities across Europe, through the annual RSG Multiply summer schools and by hosting regional and continental conferences.

The ECSU wants to see sport mission taking place across Europe always with the goal of making disciples. We want to support sustainable and locally driven programmes, projects and initiatives wherever we can.